Honest & Reliable.

Up beat & Straight forward.

Creating imagery because it makes me happy.


An Northern American upbringing that spans back to the Mayflower and Mexico. A daughter of the Revolutionary War and a 3rd generation Angelino. I sail, I bike ride, and most importantly I create. The camera is my choice tool and recently I have been tending the idea of some photo instillations. My education developed in the City College of San Francisco then refined, remolded and graduated from Art Center College of design in Pasadena, Ca.

I want to live a comfortable lifestyle though not at the high expense of stress and mis-communication. I work hard to understand the needs of my clients and only ask for the same respect and dignity that I would show towards them.

I believe that I have covered the basics, for a more intimate look at who I am please scroll down, click the photo to learn more about your next photographer, Jeanette Paredes. the Intellectual Conqueror (Wu-Tang generated name)


Jeanette Paredes

Images to explore who I am, what am I about, and what your going to get. Please email or call for inquires of price, access to all parts of the website .

I look forward to working with you.